SoCS 9

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 5/17
Socs #9
The sky opens up and brings to me water and waves and I ride them until I submit and they ride me and I am ridden and bed ridden and rid me of pain and suffering and dispose of this suffer ring, don’t put a new one on me, just let me be sky high for fifteen minutes of fame, I don’t do it for the applause and yet I applaud your honesty it gives me energy as if I am hydrogen and I have been split and I am ready to come and yet the only time I come is when you have gone, so far away and yet words are echoing in a chamber, no longer ambient sound, the feedback is growing and I am forever mowing grass and I am not smoking or joking, am I a joke to you? I didn’t think it was funny, I want you but three words are too much for me, you must be tired, I’m no longer wired, the moment is past, you are now in my rear view, I do love the view and yet I’ve got to watch the road, there’s a toad and the shape is easy to spot yet I’m still learning how to match on action and it’s been a long time since I’ve opened up the suite.

  Oh you’re so sweet I imagine your lips again and we fit so much like three peas in a pod, I must be so dangerous for you, such a stranger, I do look at you like you were a come down and I’m coming down again since I know you’ll either tie me down and break me or reject me and forsake me, there are not enough people here to hide my face from.  



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