Accidents that are brave

have you understood loneliness

As it does you.

Hidden under blankets,

Watching, waiting patiently

For your moment.

For you to understand that you have never belonged.

Sly in his approach,

Cautious in his motions,

Sweet in his smell.

Clutching glass bottles

As an infant

His milk burns

And you welcome it.

His milk destroys brains cells

And you welcome it.

He is what the world calls social.

He is on every television,

And billboard

And on the lips of those you arrogantly claim to love.

He has snatched at your friends

As they drown together.

So you must learn

To drown.

And so you will drown

Into mountains of sugar

Overwhelmed as the hummingbird

To it’s nectar.

Heart like a hammer

stay up late enough

Perhaps could protect her,

See night terrors come at night

If I could make the night time the day

Fuck away your negativity.

In dark cinemas

As screens watch us watching them.

Stealing concepts we no longer call precious.

Accidents waiting to happen,

Accidents we hope we’re brave enough to embrace.


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