Who the @*#! is Pinangel

Thankyou for visiting, take a seat and I hope you stay for a long while. Pinangel is the pseudonym of artistically inclined film maker Daniel Dror.

Raised in London, England, now raising his own child in the U.S.A he is the very embodiment of a whirlwind romance. Much of this blog chronicles the sometimes random and jarring  experiences of the life and times of the artist formally known as Pinangel. Pinangel will move you like music if you let yourself. Delve into hidden obsessions, things you didn’t know you could say. Things maybe you shouldn’t have said. Let Pinangel say them for you.

Life is complex and uncaring, society is doubly so. Still, we remain drawn in, unable to step out, for fear or simply boredom. We allow ourselves to be become as complicated and difficult as the challenges we pursue.

The above image is from “Sleep When I’m Dead” a film that never quite made the light of day but remains my favorite experience.

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Otherwise, poke around, somewhere here will be something you wish you could’ve said.