SoCS #7

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 22/17
“There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” that’s what Leonard Cohen said before he took the road to the other side, before I remembered that once my face could become wet from oceans of emotions that developed from mountains forming as platelets come crashing together pushing ideas up against each other. Yes there were days before the cracks in the ceiling opened up and yes they open me up to the light and yet these days the rain seeps in and there aren’t many people who come by these days to empty the buckets and sometimes I don’t notice the new ones so my face ends up wet from the leaks. 

  I would seal them up but it’s not often that I get fresh air like this unless I’m sitting in the smoking area in a bar and then I’m in a smoking area so do the math or the chemistry or the biology.   

  I’ll change location soon there’s no doubt of that that’s fine, I’m not worried about that, my problem isn’t related to where I am, it’s more that I’m not changing, just as if I were to seal the cracks in the ceiling, it wouldn’t change what’s being kept within, so in that sense, I’ll stick with Leonard and let whatever comes in continue and hope one of those asteroids that hits make an impact and maybe I’ll pick up an old punk album and hear the lyrics like I’m young and in love or at least that I can associate with disassociation since lack of emotion is not an emotion. 



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