The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 15/17
The course of heart – John m Harrison 
The course of the heart is as the course art is as the journey of the child inside who we long to find who we strive to rekindle once we grow up and understand that we’ve abandoned only to search after sheets of paper that appeared to make us clever and yet only made us weaker after all we are made on this earth for more than just to walk in and out of stores to buy shiny diamonds for whores and turn ourselves into whores, whoring ourselves for business men who use our blood to run machines that only serve to run other machines that keep making green sheets that we chase after to keep alive that make us question why we survive at all? 

  And yet I open the book that I’ve been reading and look inside; 

   “I heard the phrase my mother was a grown woman, and I thought to myself, is a woman grown? Like a potato?” 

And I’m besides myself with laughter and yet I almost cry since that’s how women are still viewed, yet here we have a visionary who’s willing to ask the question with such subtly. Perhaps there’s hope for humanity. 

  And yet I read more deeply and discover a girl who wants to be a free bird not as a metaphor, more like be skin and bones and hollow out her bones, stick feathers to her shoulders and jump off a cliff and think how far we’ve come to come nowhere at all. 

  Yes stories are here to talk about feelings and show us who we are and yet who we are is so blindly terrible that the tension is palpable and I have no reason trust anyone at all. Since if one of us falls, all of us all and still get up and go is what we do, there is help and yet no help for some understand me and some understand you.  


One thought on “SoCS#6

  1. This brings to mind the truism that all things end. Or is it true at all? Do they end or do they just turn into something else which is a neverending course? We fall, we get up, or someone else gets up … we go, we never stop. Child to adult to child and so on. Talk about Lego… 😉
    Oh man, I really do need some sleep. 😛
    Nice stream of consciousness, Dan. 🙂


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