SoCS 5


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This was fun, where’s my frappachino?! I asked for a fucking frappachino?!
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 8/17
Peter picked a stick and stuck it in his neighbours eye, because like morrisey, he was tired of giving the time to pricks when he should really figure out why he hasn’t got a stitch to wear. 

  Of course I would go out tonight if it weren’t for the bricks that have been piling up on my doorstep and on my window and I think I didn’t notice but while I was far away thinking about the last time our lips collided, someone built a Starbucks around us that’s why I’ve been licking my finger tips to draw out the last bits of caffeine because there was a girl who bought me a cup of coffee and I think I thought I might have fallen in love with her because my heart was beating and I held her hand but that was just a day dream it must have been, 

  Since just in the nick of time I found a dollar and a dime enough to pay the rent, yet not a cent over and more over I called out to move over rover? Am I clear when I say you were a four leave clover? 

  Anyhow I do have a you in mind and I just can’t find the time to tell you that you could’ve been mine if there was such thing as mine but it’s fine since things that were mine go flying half the time and I should minded my own business and I would if I could if I thought that was any fun. It’s not though so I go back to counting pot holes, especially the holes in Blackburn Lancashire, even though they’ve been counted before I wonder if they do actually fill the Albert hall and if I look hard enough if Andy warhole would jump out like a wack a mole, if he was full of holes, if I could step into one of those holes, make it a home would I find a neighbour that makes my heart beat again. 

  Looks like I’ve lost the beaten path again so I’ll pick up peter’s stick and make a dowsing rod to find the water god who’s name I can’t remember and yet I’m sure we were birds of a feather once upon a time when together meant forever, I’ll leave you with this cryptic letter. The letter yu, since yu + me = dream and I think that’s where every good idea lives. 






3 thoughts on “SoCS 5

  1. The sign looks like something, OH (the boove) would say on that Pixar movie, Home.

    What a bunch of mish-mash! fun to read. Andy warhole would jump out like a wack a mole,

    *That makes me laugh. Are these pieces of songs? I’m familiar with morrisey, but not a lot of the lyrics.


    1. The two references are “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear” by the smiths and, “four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire, although the holes were very small, they had to count them all, now they know many holes it takes to fill the Albert hall’- a day in the life – the Beatles. The rest is me talking about life experience right now.
      Thankyou (: aiming at having fun with writing.


      1. I didn’t have a vague connection to some of the words, knowing they were lyrics. “The stitch to wear” sounded familiar. I did recognize something with the Beatles too, so I was, at least, able to figure you were talking about lyrics. Fun.


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