Honestly not a fan of the prompt but let’s give this a go.
Ooooh, would you look at that, reminds me of my trip to Cockermouth, not exactly my top summer destination but a lovely drive through mountain ranges. The Lake District holds dreams for some and holds back dreams for others, hides people in hamlets and still we happened to find a nightclub where we drank far far too much. How I would have loved for you to be there and how I knew you would have hated it and I really wouldn’t have given a fuck.

  Aaaah, but who really cares what you woulda thought it’s not about your opinion, it’s about the freedom to piggy back a grown mans back and shout at peaks while the suns still out and listen to stevie nicks not pick at pricks that old friends sleep with but stumble into grass like before we had kids or thought about having kids just like we were kids. 

  But ooooh we can’t talk like that since there are so many rules and they outline our life and the way we behave pretty much has to be governed by social rules and whatever so forget that bit but since these words are really bytes travelling through waves that sometimes act like beams are you sure what I said meant what you thought it did and in that case can you trust yourself at all? 

  Aaaah, now we get to the crux of it all, see I met someone and another someone and another and they were all at the checkout buying food and non of them wanted the credit card I was offering. See how important perspective is? 

  So take your ooooh’s and aaaah’s and chill for like a second and perhaps reason will meet you half way If that’s something you’re semi interested in. 
Love pinangel. 





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