SoCS #3

I’ve been so inspired by these weekly prompts, so thankyou 
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 24/17
Rein me in, honestly it might be time that you did, in trying to figure out how exactly I could a build a tower from remnants of older towers, stones from structures that have collapsed, pieces that are concave and contorted and and twisted and deconstructed. 

  How could my reign over this region be anything more than an exercise is futility and yet if you believe in me I’ll pull out every memory and spin threads into fallacy. 

  It’s bizarre how I seek to turn facials into fairy tales and pornos into portraits, works of art not of human figure, but of human heart. 

  And asking you to rein me in like a horse as if I could be stopped by something as simple as a thunderstorm. See I may take shelter from rain as my body is weak but my body is not me. I am an idea. And in weeks to come it will remembered that the dead could rise.  




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