SoCS #2 sign language 

Stream of conscience Saturday, check it out join in. Make it intense.

I use sign language to communicate when I can’t speak. There are signs everywhere when I’m walking that doors are opening and closing, silver linings are shifting from one cloud to the next. 

  It’s difficult to connect the dots when I’m not sure which body part deserves respect and in retrospect which part to reject, or if my reaction is an over reaction. 

  Am I meant to entertain or be entertainment? See when I bring up my curiosity you laugh like I told a joke but I think I ripped apart the last thing that held you down to reality, like you were fallacy, a bunch of threads that came lose the moment I mentioned that you were made of such things and then you stabbed at me with the needles that made you tried to see if was made of the same thing as you but I’ve always been made of flesh. As you must have been once before your death and resurrect.

  See I signed the papers and handed over wavers lost myself in quivers and found myself in shivers after thousands of divers recovered me having searched for thousands of hours and lost my soul amongst the soulless and dug and hole amongst the holeless and now I’m back upon the surface? Am learned? Could I learn less? Could I learn anything in this state? Should I move state or change? Or become something stateless like Daniel but not Daniel because Daniel is just sci fi and I use way too many references from places that are placeless and how priceless it is to put this, in a way that I can read this but you could never know this, 

Since I’m the one who owns this, 

Body made of matter, 

One that does matter 

Yet infinitely matters 

Because I chose that matter matters 

And therefore even nothing matters. 

How significant are signs sent from no one in particular, flashing lights from distant relatives, already dead and still alive, how it messes with our time. How it messes with our mind. 

  Five directions and how they lead to six places that were all one place. 

SoCS #1 


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