Stream of conscienceness 

This is a SoCS post for

Whether you like it or not I’m here and I’m still trying to figure this out this whole world I’ve got things in the works that might go unchecked that might probably be the best bet you’ll ever make for a break away to a sunny day get away, five star retreat that you may or may not retreat to your best friends friends.  Not exactly for a popularity contest just a way to express that you still exist and that’s all you really want when you hold up a fist in the air at concert or a concerto, during the crescendo or perhaps the diminuendo. Especially during that moment, I mean it’s quiet, why would hold up a symbol meant to riot when the entire room is meant to be at peace or to weep or perhaps even rest in such, do you have any respect for the dead or are you angry that death is part of this life or is it fear that drives you? Since fear born of rage with eventually drive you into the ground, fear like that will drive you mad. 

  Regardless a weather report shows a storm coming for those of us who continue to turn and re-learn ourselves until we unburden ourselves of the false guilt given to ourselves by ourselves and become free bird and travel until we learn a different kind of pain, the pain of reality, the pain of mortality, the pain that we are all bound by each others need to know the reason behind the brutality of existence. 

  Are the joker or the thief? Stealing each day from Father Time or is each day a gift in order to find some other method to re-write our lives into something more passionate and more fashionable and more compassionate than our fathers cabinet which contained dr calagari’s sleeping man who once awoken only understood the basic plan and fucked up a master plan the same way as Uncle Sam since he too was a family man only trying to protect his family, man and I guess that means we’re all in the same boat and that means we’re all kind of alone in that and that’s kinda depressing unless you reach for a hand but the one thing I understand is every hand has an arm attached. 

so I guess I’ll drown. 



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