Opened the pink ego box Shouldn’t have

A runner does not does cross the finish line until his chest touches the ribbon.

  I have become Icarus II, having mined all of earths resources, I am earth’s obscure reference. 

  A child of Danny Boyle’s renegade film school. 

  I am Pi a drill to my head, hope that value will be forgotten and that I will live a life of happiness. 

  I am a man who see’s ants in every empty space, so lost in his own convoluted revenge plot that he is willing to sacrifice his own humanity for the sake of love. 

  I have left ashes in every foot step and every window pane I have shattered has left shards wedged between synapses, altered pathways leaving every challenge unfinished, each day ticks down to oblivion until unconsciousness replays ancient towers in cities I’ve lived as a child, markings left by a G-d I fear has abandoned me. 

  I am jacks inability to let go, no matter how frayed my skin becomes.

  I am jacks fear that vicariously through Tyler is my only way of living. 


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