Pictures of paramount

Everything is based on perspective. 

Change is paramount. 

I am the mountain and the sky is my enemy. 

Wide eyed to pictures that show bright lights and in them I pretend that I am the Captain, 

Yet America is out of reach. 

It will be time to become the sky, let the mountain onto itself, take the wheel from the almighty, because I believe that in his name all he wants is for us to take responsibility for our mistakes and build on whatever ground we have left. 

A normal life is boring, but Em is not exactly a role model, Lana smiles and it breeds jealously, I preferred you sad. 

And so the mountain cannot sit in the sky, so become the sky and let the mountain unto itself, let six’s be nine’s, let every wave wash over, 

Aside from this one that is your life. 

Remember why cleaning your sink is important for yourself and not others. 

O.K. Go is my nightmare on repeat, but somewhere there is the rememberance of how I got here and why it was so important to keep going. 

I saw a sword in the sky in a dream that was real life. 

You were there 

And you were me.


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