Food Rap

Scrolling through facebook (the go to for anybody who has writers block, social issues or is seriously avoiding something) the below video popped up on my feed. Honestly it was a welcome relief from the gradual and detailed descent into madness that the western world has experiencing since the egg people took over.

F’real though, this comedy rap thing has evolved so far since the Lonely Island were apolagising for not doing an episode of something that wasn’t the O.C.  Yes that is Andy Sandberg before he was really famous.

It’s gotten to the point where honestly, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. African Boi who legitimately became famous after a song about shop lifting from specifically British cheaper super markets    is now (and has been for a while) a pretty decently successful musician.

Regardless, aside from the honorable mention hyperlinks, below are Top Raman, what caused this sudden, random and out of place post.

Cup of Coffee, the MOST angry and sexual song about coffee I’ve ever heard.

And Junior spesh, the classic, Jaxor really cares about the exact price of what is the fisher price edition of a happy meal, with no toy.

British Rap at its finest.

You’re welcome.


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