Pink ego box

If I sent you an instant message 

Would you be how I imagined 

Way back when

I didn’t run through ashes 

Like oxygen

Before I knew how to mix words 

Like drinks 

Before I knew that a sunrise was made of gravity and glen frey was farewell part two and not a grave diggers retirement. 

When two shots to the back of the head was a joke and not a passing thought repressed. 

How often I hear the express train and wonder of all those passengers if any of them would look up from their phones and wonder the same exact thought, that a guns and roses song could be sung a different way and re-wire an entire generation;

that a pair of headphones could still be love if only the right sound would come out.

I’m older than I wish to be,

I’m younger than I feel,

Every once in a while, 

When even I’m not looking, 

The pink ego box opens

There you are, 



Your starlight 

My Star of David 

When will the eclipse be over. 


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