A robin I kept track of 

Image used under Creative Commons

Alright so this isn’t particularly poetic, but all my heroes are dying. I post a quote from Leonard Cohen and yes I did read an article about his new album but no I haven’t been keeping up with him but his words have been buzzing around my head lately. I have a lot of things filling up my phone that I call ‘secret writings’ and Leonard Cohen sayings have been littered all over them and yeah every single time I’m in New York I have to walk past the Chelsea hotel no.2 and oh dear god I have memories at the Marble Arch in London and I think about the holy dove all the time, but it seriously makes me think how out of touch I am.   What happened to the golden boy, what happened to your golden touch, are these just the dress rehearsal rags? 

  It’s horrific. Time is running out. 

  He was ready to die and then he just went. Just like that. 

  Maybe I need to catch up, maybe I seriously need to check up your last words. And David Bowie and fuck, Lemmy. Because what I feel I’m left with is haunting. 
“Love is not a victory march”
And I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with that. 
“I can’t keep track of each fallen robin” 
And I think now that I might have become the fallen robin and that scares the hell out of me. 
I’m searching for guidance at a time when I can’t feel further away from my creative path. 
Leonard, we are still ugly but we still have the music. It will not be forgotten. 


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