Part II A day in the life

Portland Oregon 2014 
Decemember 26th. 
Day in the life. We see what Jennifer has traded her life in for. Something sweet, a day to day with a home, a boyfriend, bills to pay and the hope of a family. She still hasn’t really grasped what it really means to be black in Portland. In fact, she doesn’t really know what it means to Jennifer in Portland. 

  Her relationship with mark (her boyfriend) is challenging. Her life is guided by him. Gone are days of his sweetness, now all that is left are his fears. 

  Day in the life. Work, mark, struggle. 

Things become tense when Jennifer returns to a familiar bar and re kindles her friendship with Emily. A singer in the bar, Jolene, catches her eye. 

  At home, Marks violence is revealed as normal. It’s almost laughable, this struggle of identity always surfaced first, how deep the rabbit hole goes if only you took the time to ask. 

  When Mark questions how their relationship became so dull, Things become violent, uncontrollably so and and as if her eyes were opened for the first time in years, Jennifer returns to the bar. She is approached by the mysterious singer Jolene and taking a chance, leaves with her. It’s 


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