Not such a selfish b♥stard

In an attempt to feed the pheonix (who’s still refusing to hatch from its warm egg, nestling in fluid built up from years of unresolved conflict) I’ve made a decision to share two pieces of work that are not my own. 

As it turns out, I do read other people’s work, pretty often, I observe others’ struggles and behaviour, alas, as I’m completely aware, I can’t seem to shut my god damn mouth about myself. 

Regardless. Here is a post from my friend Tim who I swear is a genius.

Slow TV

Check out his Vimeo, it’s hella tight! 

Tim Vimeo

And (the entity refuses to be named properly) MxLEF who swears they’ll sort out their WordPress at some point so for now tumblr;

Ear heart

Moving on. There’s a lot of love where these pin wings originated from. Sitting at the top of a climbing frame, smoking cigarettes at four in the morning. 

As an artist, there’s hope to bring that out again and be part of that community.

We are stronger together. 




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