An inside out universe 

I try not to share things like this, but I just wondered if it might help someone. It was part of an idea I had when re-developing my character Jennifer. 

At the beginning of the script, (Portland 2014) there is a moment where she is struggling to keep herself contained. 

At the end of her work day, before she returns home to her disfunctional relationalship. I imagined how it must feel in that moment before she knows that things change;

  There are times it seems, when a person forgets how to be themselves. 

  There are times, perhaps, when it appears that it is not valuable to be a person. 

  Yes, that person is not the first or the only bit that person is lonely because they have found themselves in a place where they are the only one of their type that is looking for a very specific door.

  No, not any door will do. Some things can be lost and when there is a delicate balance to be kept. Any direction is not a good direction. 

  Don’t be short tempered when that person is angry. Especially if you recognise the make and build of their doomsday device. If somehow you have the tools to disarm it, do so. 

  Don’t tell them to be happy, when every wall is a mirror and moments of peace are fleeting and only happening behind closed doors. 

  Do let them do their work in peace. Let them show you that they are still willing to turn up and keep moving regardless how things are. But your need for everyone around you to be happy doesn’t help anyone. 

  If you can’t handle their inner turmoil. Stop asking if it’s over yet. It will pass when that era of their life is over. If you cannot help them sleep at night, if you cannot join them in smiling during those brief moments of freedom. If you have not shared their personal moments of being Maryiln Manroe, you have no right to govern their emotions. 

  If they ask, do involve them in your passion project, you’ll be surprised what light they have left behind their eyes. Just because a person is not interested in a normal thing, does not mean what makes you special is not interesting. Perhaps that’s surprising. Perhaps that appears irrational. A person who is going through a difficult time is not doing normal things and so normal things are no longer interesting. 

  A person like this is probably more than interested to help you finish your passion project that no one else cares about. They may be the only one who does. 

  Welcome to an inside out universe. 

  Tread with caution and understand that caution means attention and attention means understanding. 

  Peace be with you. 



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