My last post was borrowed. I’ve been writing. I’ve been pouring my energy into an old script. For now let’s call it, “fish bowl.”

It’s about two people who find themselves on a journey in the desert. They’ve lost their minds trying to find a way to solve a problem. Their only hope is to use their voice. 

 They end up running into the very thing they were running away from and in facing it, grow. 

I found in revisiting it, that I’ve grown. I’ve not yet gone into the details. I’ve taken advice from classical film makers and worked on the story before the dialogue and the details. I’ve always had a huge problem getting lost in details and forgetting the point of it all. 

I’ve discovered things I never imagined about the characters this way. One of my lead girls is African American and her major conflict is rejecting her culture. This relates to me personally in a way I haven’t considered in years. 


I hope to be able to grow and begin sharing a different side of myself in the future. I’ve grown tired of who I was. It’s time the old shadows died off and new Phoenix comes out from the shadows. 

To the future. 



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