J.J.& the Magic Bitch


So I went ahead and did this utterly dreadful character profile of J.J who is at current a non existent person is the realm of whatever.

I personally love him in the way a kitchen knife loves a fresh slab of beef. We shall see what happens to him in the following future times. He can only hope that he makes in into some kind of first draft before I axe the whole thing. And by axe I mean, just start writing something else. He should feel lucky I profiled his character at all.

Enjoy or throw plastic forks at him as if he was tommy wiseau creator of the Room which is conveniently hyper linked. Watch it (Don’t ever watch it!).

Alright. See you soon.

Pinangel (fell in to a hole, got out of the hole only to find that the hole was in a bigger hole and the bigger hole was on fire).


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