You should risk everything. It’s worth it. No matter how bad it gets. Trust me. 
Not every day. Not even most days. Just those days when you really think it’s worth it. When it’s serious. When you could gain so much. 
Me. Mine. Most. Most things. Most of all. Trust. In the divine. 

Gamble on hope. Hope is human. You are born of hope. 
I’m writing this and I don’t really want to explain all the uncertainty in my future. How things have changed in the last six months and how drastically that could change again and will change regardless of a good or bad turn out and the terms of a good or bad result and what even my life is going to be after all the dust settles after the fall out of a hundred megaton blast. And how even does a freight train hit you in the face at nine o clock in the centre of a department store and forget your name and then it’s not a big deal and then the stove needs cleaned but it’s not your stove and you are playing risk and your name is changed and it’s starts with a capital L and your hair is red and Saint you ain’t and the girl you make friends with is starting to act like a lesbian and she’s got a hell of a crush on you like that one freak in school who made you nervous to go anywhere alone because of the stories that people tell but when you grow up its just a movie and that movie is a rip off of some other movie and the production is pretty bad but the acting is kind of amazing and they win awards but their careers go nowhere just a guest star on NCIS and…
Trust me. 
It was worth every moment that was stolen. You would’ve wasted it anyway. It was worth every penny spent, you woulnt have the opportunity you have now that you took the risk. 
It was worth the brain dAmage. You see the world in a new light. 
Not every day. 
Just those days. 
When you think. 
That it’s worth it. 


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