How to; miss someone after 16 years. 

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I made a new friend recently, at least I think I did. She’s a musician and that’s cool. I used to be. I thought I was going to be one of the greats and when we’re young we all think that way, it’s kinda wrong that we stop thinking that way. 
My ego is huge. At least that’s what they’ll tell you. I talk about non stop. But I’ve had a lot of practice. An empty house tends to not make great conversation. 
My son is a blessing. I stopped posting about him because it seemed to be a little exploitative and I guess I posted about him because honestly, I was out of ideas. 
Let’s be honest. Right now, I am self absorbed, I’m not quite as egotistical as they would have you believe. I enjoy the drama, very much so, but I’m not exactly a drama queen. I’m kinda a drag and sometimes a queen and not quite enough of either to really define myself as a drag queen but it’s something I’d love to get back into. 
Regardless. When I was eleven years old I lost my father. I was raised by two women who had a big influence on my life. Two years later I saw the twin towers fall. A year later I saw ground zero in the flesh. Four years ago I was living in New York as a film student. 
2016 : My family is in pieces and I have never missed my father more or wanted to be a film maker more. 
So why do I keep counting? 


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