On hold until 2012

In another life I was born in Morocco. Or I lived in the woods and I was a hunter. Or I was a mercenary and I killed for money.   Consider multiverse theory as a possible truth. Amelia ribbon. Maybe she’s a real woman, living out her life, imaging if there’s a Daniel out there, thinking life could’ve been so much so much easier with a dick, no periods, no predatory men to brush off. How I would love to see life through her eyes for one day, just to understand the perspective. Perhaps I would be less anxious, a little more gentle and more forgiving. Unless I got it right the first time. 

  Understand, I do not believe either are the fairer sex. Both women and men are brutal, unfair and honestly? Lost. Both struggle with their sense of humanity. We are people, neither are colourblind or gender less. Neither are completely sympathetic and taking a step back to see that I become cold and unsympathetic. If knowing this, I cannot be kind, what hope is there for you. I’m not the worst and that’s what scares me. Think about it. I’m not the best. But I’m really not the worst. I’ve done some good. Some bad but some legitimate good.   

Note : 

Conscience is on the final edit. Some mostly unexpected personal revelations have caused my attention to be else where. Whether you are with me or against me. Let us hope that everyone involved comes out for the best. We are all good people. A little mistaken and yet with good intentions. And good hearts. 

This world remains all too real for me. 



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