FiFi and the…FiFi?

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 1.20.48 AM.png

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our scheduled programming took a nose dive over a cliff into Maryland. I’m impressed and extremley proud to say that we pulled ourselves out of limbo, wrote, practiced and shot something anyway. All fresh, all FiFi and pretty fabulous. If you’re partial to a Fag Hag over a regular Fag then our next shoot will be to your liking.

All humor aside, let us wish David and his partner a speedy recovery from what I hope is a mild illness, I know we all want to see him back for another short. We’re not done with you yet Bash!

Our next short tentatively titled ‘Conscious’ will be ready soon.

Standing on the shoulders of dwarfs.


P.S if you haven’t already, check out previous films:

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