Love me coming soon again! 

Edit diary 052916
So the first edit is done and it’s an absolute joy to watch. It’s a bit rough and I’m out of practice so baby steps. I am however a bit delayed, hence the note. This summer that I’ve been dying for, that refused to show itself in Virginia and took its Damn time in New York is finally blazing down upon me in all its glory.

This is great news for me, what isn’t however is the broken air conditioner in my apartment, I may love the heat but my computer does not and editing audio over the sound of a thousand spinning blades is no simple task. While this is being fixed everything is on hiatus.


I’m hoping to work something out meanwhile but we’ll see. We recently purchased an otteroo and I’m dying to experience the hilarity of my son floating around the water like some kind of see urchin.
So Love me is still coming soon!
Oh also this for those of you that don’t understand the worth of creativity ;
Good quality creative work is not easy. You ingest media from television, cinema, movies, advertising, music. In the uk alone, creative media contributes £84 billion to the economy ($134 billion) the notion that it’s easy and a waste of time needs to be dispelled. It’s the toughest and most cut throat industry.


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