Should’ve brought a real camera

My visit to New York was mostly personal. To see the city where I fell in love which eventually led to the birth of my son, my marriage and my very living in the United States was an incredibly visceral experience. I visited with my mother who I haven’t seen since we brought Killian home, we laughed, we cried, we planned. This life is so full of those moments, sudden and aggressive, the thought that it may not be the normal mental climate that people are used to has crossed my mind at least once or twice. 

It was great to be in the city and just be. My family made the experience all the more enjoyable. Staying in the financial district was also a real eye opener. I’ve been to Manhattan many times, I’ve lived on the upper west side and the west village. I studied short courses in soho and union square. I’ve sat on the iconic 125th street station, filmed a short drama on the high line and another in an old apartment block opposit the Chelsea hotel. One of my most treasured moments was spent finding the Hudson through riverside park. Still I felt out of my depth on chambers street. I know we were close to china town but close remained a relative term. Aside from the compass that is the freedom tower and the subway with its linear structure, I was suddenly lost in the city and I loved it. It felt just like the first time. 

Usually I would have my canon T3i and a selection of essential travel lenses but this time I chose not to and I was satisfied with my choice until we took the fastest elevator in the world just over half a mile up in what must have been half a minute if not less. That moment I regretted even though we had already over packed and Killian is getting to be quite a presence concerning movement, I made a promise to myself that I would return, especially with an older and more fascinated son. With a stronger heart and a greater purpose I would photograph these views how they should be. 

For now. A selection of pixelated smart phone Hazards 


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