The first time I heard about LGBT issues in mainstream media, as in the news and billboards, I was a nearing adulthood. The question of gay marriage was a huge topic in London. It got me interested because I’d known gay people and they appeared pretty ordinary. On occasion eccentric, then again, eccentric was pretty normal for me. My hero had been for the longest time, Salvador Dali. Since my Dad passed, I had been raised by two women (my sister and my mother). Men had always seemed conflicted and aggressive to a fault. Clear headed is not how I would describe a man. A lot of men tried to take the role of father to me, but mum had never re-married and if she wouldn’t let someone fill that role why should I?   I didn’t exactly dress up as a woman, but I wore women’s clothes as part of my outfit. It just seemed normal. Not that I miss understood gender roles, but the choice seemed normal. 

  It turned out that in some parts of the world, what I was doing, dressing this way and the occasional make up, was grounds for execution in some countries. Now I didn’t (and still don’t) exactly like people, I don’t play well. But this kind of thing drove me insane. If some were to kill another person, beat another person, steal from or otherwise destroy their lives, I get it. I get why you’d want to harm the attacker, seek revenge, condemn them to death, but wearing a bit of lipstick, engaging in anal sex, kissing men who look like women and women who look like men, that whole thing seems absurd. 

  When the issue of gay marriage came to light on T.V. And billboards and politicians were furiously debating the issue, it just seemed like a smokescreen. I mean, the rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, just keeping a roof over our heads seemed like a struggle. How did gay marriage effect rent or the price of food?

  There had to be something behind this. I started reading, I was looking for answers, but to my standard there were non. 

  It seems the issue of homosexuals and lesbians is a matter of attitude. It’s not a person to person issue. It’s about culture, religion and social expectation. I could guess the issue comes down to reproduction, however, the world is overcrowded and many gay couples chose to adopt. Love isn’t all too important in modern society either. People are worried about money, how they’re going to live when they’re older and even that doesn’t seem to matter all that much. I’m not really seeing the importance of living to others expectations as such a dire subject when we’re all going to die at some point anyway and I don’t see death as a final judgement, more of a stepping stone to another state. No energy or matter can be destroyed from the universe, even black holes emit radiation that appears to contain information that was previously removed from space. 

  Is it just a fear of being judged at the moment of death? That G-d is going to smack you on the wrist and tell you that homosexuals were a mistake? I thought all life was sacred and that your neighbour was supposed to be loved like family? 

  Peoples opinions and the reality are really different. And this issue appears no different from politics. Conservatives are bigoted because they are afraid of anything Unknown. Democrats are flawed because the political system they exist within does not cater to change. 

  If nothing changes then nothing is learned and if there is any judgement at the gates of death, I would hazard a guess that it would be what was learned during life. What meaning did it hold, what effects did you have on the world around you. G-d is neither republican or democrat and under G-d’s eye there are far more than two schools of thought on how society should be run. We’ve just be taught a certain view. 
Be afraid of how much hate there is in the world. How many died too soon or lived a life without meaning. Don’t be afraid of what sexual orientation people have. There are people who uphold ancient traditions of masculinity. Those who hold the world to words that should have been fleeting whispers in the midnight breeze while plenty of other great and atrocious thoughts go unspoken or un-noticed. As if people with pieces of paper that have a value attributed by other people who we cannot hear or see or touch are more intelligent, more hard-working, who earned the right in a lifetime that is probably shorter than ours to tell us exactly what to do and be. 

  Many of those apparently great leaders who uphold good family values have been discovered as rapists, abusers, violators of free will. Those with untold millions, who correct us, who yell in the street from child hood to old age that we’re doing it all wrong are far more likely to walk into the bathroom and touch your children without fear of reprisal. They are far more likely to be protected by the media, by their layers and their followers. 
Trey Radel who is pushing for those on welfare to be drug tested is himself a cocaine addict and who’s wages are paid by the state. A much larger portion of your tax dollars and not the only offender who is paid by your tax dollars. 
Fascism is not only unamerican, it’s un-European, unwestern and as the rest of the world develops past their initial boundaries, they will realize, as Japan did and as the people of China are starting to (not the politicians or the partisans) of Jordan and Syria and Russia. The people in this world are beginning to wake up to the mistakes of their fathers in voting undemocratic and corrupt leaders (the western world is a democracy voted by the people, democratic is not a bad word) their brothers and sisters who reacted to generations of abuse by abusing each other. 

  I am not your enemy and those who fuck the same gender is not your enemy and neither do they have to be your closest friend, but they are people and just as that should be allowed the choice to be, how they are. Limit my ability to abuse others. Don’t limit my ability to be. Just be. 
LGBT wouldn’t exist if you didn’t have to label us. And I wouldn’t be worried about including myself in that label if you didn’t judge each other. It’s a sliding scale for each person not a pick a category. I just happened to find a woman and to want that woman to raise our child. 
Just live. 


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