He can be a handful sometimes. Sometimes the sounds he makes can be heartbreaking. Still, he is more than the sum of my experiences. He is part of me and my wife and our family. He has his own experiences and thoughts and ideas. Some days I want him to stay this small and others I can’t wait to hear his interpretation of the world. I hope more than anything it’s less bleak than mine. We all have to get old, but we don’t necessarily need to grow up. 
I hate the cold but what I will miss about winter is seeing him wrapped up this way. Like a burrito. Once an affectionate term for my wife, the word has grown and become to describe our son. 
Life can be dull if it remains stagnant. I am lucky for the aggressive change and growth Killian has given to me. The gift and the promise that he is. That the world can be viewed from many view points. Something that should always be cherished. 
You are more than the sum of your experience. You have changed people’s life without knowing it. 
Love always Pinangel. 



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