Marvel now’s Deadpool 

So not to give anything away but Deadpool dies at the end. Or did he? 

But legitimately that’s how they decided to finish off marvel now!’s run and they weren’t secretive about it advertising it all over the covers leading up to it. At first I felt shocked, upset. I wanted to know every detail. I’d been through a lot over this run, this Deadpool may have started by playing the fool but his experiences with the North Korean x-men, his daughter, S.H.I.E.L.D. I was unwilling to let go. 

And then I read the ‘last’ Deadpool comic.

This is how they ended it. And yes it’s traumatic and humorous and violent and I feel like the pages that led up to this one were a very sensitive and genuine glance at Deadpool as a character but I felt cheated as if the writers had lost their sense of wonder. A sense of questioning and excitement that we all seem to lose as we grow. I think that is a desperate shame. 
As far as I understand this had always been the plan, but was it the plan to do it so soon? A character that just now reached the limelight? Who just now scored a string of movies (yes there will be a sequel!) and then the realisation sets in. This is an artistic choice to end an arc, a moment in Deadpool’s world, yet it still feels like a lack of confidence. A fear that they could not finish something they started and restarted. 
Deadpool is back with Spider-Man, probably a good choice to lighten the mood a bit. Probably a good choice to keep the momentum going and support the Spider-Man reboot (yes it’s happening again, no I don’t trust it). And that’s when the weirdness of comic book stories comes to light. Wolverine officially died last year, the new x-men movie comes out later this year and there are talks of a new R-rated stand alone wolverine movie. Professor X. Officially died more recently, he will also be staring in the new X-men movie and Brian Singer talks a lot about the First Class movies having created a completely original timeline. This means that the x-men story with our recently deceased heroes can continue. 
I’m baffled and glad that it works this way. Comics, unlike books or movies, can be enjoyed in arcs rather than chronology. 
Dipping his feet in an ever widening pool. 


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