Adele said it best.

Jess bathroom.jpg

Group.pngSam bathroom.jpgSequence 1.jpgJESS alone.jpgFox Tails000.jpg

You’d think I’d look over these pictures and say something like, Lana Del Rey pretty much summed up this whole experience or well a huge amount of this was inspired by paradise, but Lana Del Rey wasn’t a thing when we made this. Adele hadn’t released this song either. Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Time overlaps meaning and attitude and the things I was desperate to say. Realistically Muse was probably the soundtrack and My Chemical Romance filled the gaps, so how did it end up looking the way it did. Very small amount of blood, nothing about missing some kind of space zombie romance.

We made something new.

Sooth what part of my heart is constantly broken. It’s not for a girl or some bitch who got away. It’s for how buried all of this is. Adele said it best, it was a million years ago.

I keep saying it, I hope we can re-invent all of this.

I may have actually died and the person who is writing this is actually some other person who was born as a half insane 24 year old teenager in 2012.

Or not. Hopefully someone has an answer.


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