I’ll be honest, my first experience with dead pool was the PS3 video game. Which was awesome (thanks highmoon!) Ever since then I’ve been meaning to get into dead pools head (something people have a habit of doing in his world) but it wasn’t until the movie that the concept of actually using my brain to ingest paper media became a reality for me. 

  Honestly I’m sad that I didn’t start sooner, I really could’ve used dead pools voice in my head more often! Since a review seems redundant (every blogger and their grand kids are raving about Ryan Reynolds) I figured I’d share from time to time bits that strike a chord with me. 

Currently, I’m reading Deadpool Now! Which is the most recent run (I understand it’s not the best but somewhere between the intensity of, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly 5 part arc and time travelling Hitler (giant robots AND a special appearance from Cable) I’m having a blast! 

Finishing up issue #28, I feel like it’s been a lifetime since I started reading. So much has happened in such a small time. After a traumatic experience in North Korea (with the North Korean x-men) and a mind bending vacation to Wakanda (it’s the only place worth visiting!) Deadpool is married to demon Shikla and honeymooning in Japan where, during a fight with suspiciously vague non branded ‘power animals’ they run into a familiar face!  

Even if it is dark and shadowy, how could we not recognise our heroine Kiddo! 

 Deadpool is very aware of the chaos that follows him however far away he is from the weapon x program, however his erratic and referential mockery of the situation is always entertaining!

This last image really sold it for me. You may be hot shit, you may even be a feared and respected yakuza boss, but you don’t know Deadpool’s world. 

If you loved the movie and have a bit of free time, get a hold of some comics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more there is to Deadpool! 

Disclaimer: the images belong to Marvel Now! I am only using them for review purposes.

“What’s a chimi-chunga?”

“It’s a deep fried burrito”



2 thoughts on “Deadpoolio! 

    1. Same! It’s one of the few movies I’m hoping to buy on release. Target exclusive hopefully!! Thinking of doing a few more Deadpool comic reviews. Every writer has a slightly different take, but seeing the intensity of Deadpool’s world in addition to the film is getting me psyched his cinematic return!

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