Severin Lloyd Gammon

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.01.28 PM.png

This was a test, we had just bought the 80’s Nikkor 1.8 50mm and we were in shock. With $100 we had in our hands the visual quality of a $1,000 lens. It also was the moment I realised how diverse the DSLR could be. The difference in price is mostly based on the concept that the lens is ‘broken’. No automatic settings, no digital communication. Good thing I’ve never cared about automatic settings. Using a lens like this is as close to the classic method of film making you can get on a photography camera that does video. Not that the old way is necessarily the best, more that the old way is more fitting for film. Autofocus is useless for this kind of thing. Spend time looking at your image. Spend time planning out how you’re going to get that perfect shot. Understand with conscious thought what your goal is.

Look back only to see where you should be going.

New videos will come when all the above comes back together. Occasionally it does. Soon it will be in my blood, once more.

Breath with me, believe with me.



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