2nd Monthday!

It arrived quicker than we thought and with more surprises. Killian could always lift his head from the day he was born. We thought this would mean he’d be crawling after a month. Thankfully the concentrated dortizbo hasn’t figured out that yet. But he is smiling when he likes a song, reaching and grabbing at anything moving, kicking about and when held up, acts like he’s going to walk all up my face! He’s a constant source of joy and exhaustion (these two sensations over lap fairly often). Watching him grow and being part of that process is fascinating and rewarding. Getting those smiles makes every coffee at work feel worth it. Every early morning and late night something worthwhile. To be able to watch him develop is magical.

I love him. I love Ashley.

I am thankful for the gifts they have both given me.

I’m glad you’re home.

Daddy Eil!


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