If only I could sleep.


We are movie stars.


We are sleep deprived.


We can be lustful.565905_10151641212129838_1462423488_n.jpg

We can be unreasonable.730646_10151641212144838_1536910459_n.jpg

We can push your buttons.710821_10151641212149838_731679845_n.jpg

We are devastatingly beautiful.566132_10151641212154838_1593603083_n.jpg

We destroy everything to make our new world.

It wasn’t that we took it too seriously. It was that life collapsed in on our selves when we were making it. We changed everything and lost ourselves completely to its wishes. Lost in desire. Faithful to our degradation. What had happened was so special that when it ended, when we could no longer keep going and walked away, we could never look at ourselves again. The face in the mirror, staring back at us, was not the face we knew. And after it had ended, the face that kept changing, showed no sign of what had happened.

Look deeply into those faces. Remember how violent and beautiful we were.

Know that this was not a phase but a truth.

We were the most us we could ever be.

In that moment, we were changing the world.

Don’t let it be a fevered dream.

Come back. Revisit and know who you are.

You are more than you could ever dream you were.


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