Valentine’s Day has always been kind of a pain, it’s a day to show your affection to the person or people you love but it tends to be about the right gift or the perfect place to eat and that’s kind of missing the point, it’s about being with that person.

On February 12th (coincidently that’s when deadpool released) me and my wonderful wife had a perfect day (divided up with our son) and I almost wished that had been Valentine’s Day.

On actual Valentine’s Day we reclaimed all the hallmark bullshit and went to see deadpool!

First of all, let me explain, I’m not a die hard marvel fan, I haven’t read any comics, but I watched Saturday morning cartoons and as an adult, it kind of pulled at my heart strings (it doesn’t help that magnetos history is the history of my heritage).

I think that’s okay, honestly all these movies are pushing me to go after a comic or two (suggestions are welcome!)

Deadpool was advertised as a game  changer and they weren’t kidding, as entertaining as wolverine (yes that was heavy handed) but with the humour and style of 7 psychopaths. A little disgusted and a little turned on (who wouldn’t be turned on by a bullet right up the jacksie) we both walked out fully satisfied.

I hope you all collectively rejoice with me at the dawn of marvel for adults and for accepting the adult things that keep us happy in our old age.





3 thoughts on “Deadpool 

  1. Deadpool is my boyfriend and I was scared of what they were going to do to him >.< They made him so tamed & non-Deadpool in Wolverine Origins that I can't stand to watch that part, sadly. but yea ~ they did the do with him this go round … looking forward to Deadpool x Cable but I don't want to get to excited too fast, yah know?! ^^


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