Scrapt review 

For those of you interested in how the script is developing, here is a run down of the current key scenes

Name change is about reclaiming power. 
Lydia is Andy warhole – I am a there’s always another b 

Setting up for a fall. 
Swan rejects her current identity to indulge in past desires. Has a necklace that belongs to Lydia 
Set up

Swan established current struggle by performing a scene that she identifies with. 
Inciting incident. 

Subjects swan wants to talk about are rejected by friends. 
Midpoint reversal 

Realising that her self absorbed sense of fun will be rejected. She rejects Lydia, gives back her necklace and attempts to play it cool with her friends like she had nothing planned. 
Crisis climax 
With no distractions and no past indulgences to fall back on, she asks the direct question. 
She leaves with a new sense of self and the past says goodbye. A new world awaits. 


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