Say it like a white kid.

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A rare appearance of something I didn’t make on here. You don’t know by tank and by listening you’ll find that the main thing here (something that apparently Trump knows very well) is that Tank’s partner or friend or George Foreman Grill doesn’t know something. I would assume the thing she doesn’t know is how much he loves her, but it’s hard to tell exactly since everyone in this song either mumbles or sings so sweetly that neither actually sounds like words.

The interesting note here (I use interesting cautiously) is the state of music today. I’m pretty sure that when I was a teenager, everybody were divided up into groups musically and that kind of set a social standard that you had to stick to. That doesn’t appear to be the case today, this song, like many out there is the face of pop, surprisingly mostly because of the un-censored use of the N word (I’ll say it like a white kid because even though my ethnic origin is mixed I am white according to census papers). Either the producers couldn’t translate Tank’s sweet sounding lyrics and therefore didn’t notice the use of the word or it really has lost it’s meaning and so this divide between black a white music (which according to Childish Gambino is a mix tape) is so muddied that the N-word can just fly around without regression.

Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, I’m just surprised that this is the state of pop music and I don’t just mean popular music, I mean music that is so popular that it just becomes white noise. Like, I really almost didn’t notice this song was playing until I got caught up in trying to figure out what this grill didn’t know.

Whilst figuring out whether I’m working on a second draft or if I’m still fumbling around a second round of the first draft so technically first draft, this stuff appears.

2009-2013 dan?




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