Okay more developments are coming with the script. Until I have some time to do some visually stimulating work, I’m putting these short notes out there for public discrimination.

What I see is this. It has to come down to choice, a life changing decision. Someone has to see, very vividly, that their old life is unsustainable. And chose how to move forward. We could do this in multiple ways. Some kind of addiction or old desire needs to rear its ugly head and cause havoc. The lead needs to face herself in some way. It needs to be relatable and cathartic. Something like. Two paths. Like providence (the matrix). Love did find me that night, how. Best friend leaving? Something changing. Perhaps this is a farewell meeting? The unsustainability of youth? How to represent youth?
What I really wanted to say is. I hate you. For wasting my time. For bringing up emotions that tormented me, that gave me such passion and such stress and then to leave me with legends, with great imagery and colour and for all that to be left in my head. I feel like reviving you only to hate you more. To punish you for punishing me. I hate myself for having so much love to give and no way to getting it and out and use all that energy to hate myself and hate those around me. So much hate because of rejection. I feel rejection all the time and it makes me want to destroy everyone around me including myself in a fiery crucible. Nothing is allowed. Fun is an unknown thing to me.

The line blurs between character and writer always.

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