Haven’t really found good time to do anything, but I’m still thinking about things so 

What I’m having is crisis of meaning. Let’s break that down. I have plenty of ideas, but no passion for them. Granted they’re all 2009 Dan visions, but that’s almost my style. My vision is still that way. Watching toda sobra mi madre, I was still excited and fascinated by the two prostitites playing patty cake in the street, their tits out. Agrado saying, “I try to make life agreeable.” Huma, “my whole life has been smoke” we’ve got our tits together. 

  There’s a fine line between crude and accurate. Between porn and truth. 
Kizza, “what’s more important truth or love, maybe we need both to really make it work.”
Girls in love. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. What have I done to deserve this. Women struggling is basically what I’m getting at. Perhaps because I’ve always felt like I am a woman in trouble? Am I pretty when I cry? I suppose not, not at all. 


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