Spiders from Mars 

I remember sitting in a cafe on 12th. My then fiancée flipping through the arts section of the Sunday paper. David Bowie had released a new album. We were eating donuts and coffee. It was about one in the morning. We were so In touch with everything that was happening around us. 

I don’t read newspapers but this was important. This man had proved that a man can look good wearing anything, it’s about attitude, how you carry yourself. I thought about the rumours that he had slept with mick Jagger, that Jagger’s ex had found them naked on her bed talking. Had David Bowie ever really been gay or did he simply transcend gender? 

David Bowie was more than this world deserved. His later albums twisting everything you thought you understood about a rock star, his early albums contorting music into art and art into music. His movie appearances proving that intrigue is not in the words you say but the words you don’t say. 

He will always be a greatly missed influence on the world. 

Be the artist that you wish to be, all our days are numbered. 



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