Killian Michael The New Era

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Killian. When I first held you I was in shock. I always feel like I’ve known what’s happening next, that my emotions are the only thing that stop me from seeing the future. But you came and I was so shocked, you are beautiful and magical and scary and just so so cute. It’s love, but a different kind of love. I was the first to hold you and I’m always with you, even when I’m at work. Even when I’m on my blog and thinking about those super dark dramas that yeah let’s be honest It’s going to be a while before I make, I’m with you. What I write about life and heartbreak and whatever else, it’s not about you and Ashley, it’s just the way I see the world, It’s not necessarily correct either and you’ll understand that one day. There’s a huge difference between the love that I have for your mother, the love I have for you and what love tends to mean in my writing. It’s all part of the human experience. A bit of colour goes a long way.

love you always,




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