A speculated history of fear


Women, men, transvestites, transexuals and other oddities all share the same sadness. They are all people. They share the same inequality, a quality for nature. Those who fear communication are sentenced to the same suffering. How to connect to those who we are afraid of? Is it merely a question of confidence? Are we so ugly inside that we would disregard the tears of our brothers? are sisters the only who are entitled to protection?

Take something from me, though there is nearly nothing left to take, take what you cam. I wish to be robbed by you if only you could prove to me that there is something worth ripping me of.

Let me tell you that those who cherish their many talents will appear to have none. If only I could say the right things to those who interact with me. As precious and mistaken as I am. I am alone and only wish that you would recognise the potential in our dialogue. Speak to me in any language. I will listen for a lifetime. There are no more requests. I must be tired. You betray me and I must forgive me. I say this as you are me. And as you are, you have forgotten me. My unforgivable, my unforgotten, my irreplaceable nobody. You have ruined me, simply by restraining me. Our  loneliness I would assume your happiness and then I realise. You are simply that part of me which is ignorant to the pain of your protection. You are unable to find the reasoning in your mad insecurity. You wish only to kill me in order to prove me wrong. A fight to the death, without war, simply unending treason. I am done.


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