The Cookies


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.56.55 PM.png

Killian Michael is imminent. The past is moving away and the future is about to step on our door step. Diapers, midnight crying, learning about numbers, a whole bunch of commitments to be inundated with. Then why do I feel like my career could get a kickstart. Why do I think that this is going to make my work more meaningful. I guess some people are just built that way.

We made this for you, we’ll bake cookies like this with you someday soonish.

Also, we seriously forgot to upload the cookies at least three times. Twice us forgetting to upload the cookies has been recorded on video. Weird.

They do look delicious in digital form.



2 thoughts on “The Cookies

  1. I got so thrilled to make cookies with my toddler but she could have cared less tol they were done and made lol. My silly sweet girl did enjoy listening to me list ingredients and sang them


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