Wednesday on a Thursday

Something from the Vaults, what was at one time a serious distraction, but mostly a huge waste of time. Wednesday is moved to thursday and pretty much forgotten about and replaced with something more worth while.

“Today is wednesday. To the beginning of something that honestly is irrelevant to the reader. To me, myself and my own sense of being, today is wednesday remembrance day. Tuesday, you don’t know about him. But it’s okay, you don’t have to. Remember wednesday because he”s the soulmate that I knew almost nothing about. Just that he made my heart beat faster and for the longest time I wanted to be the aggressor in a snuff film dedicated to him. Dedicated not featuring. To be honest I’ve lost interest in the subject because it’s a true lie. True because I love him, a lie because I hate him.

I hate him but I admit him, I miss him.IMG_3186.JPGHe did actually look famous.”


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