I’ve always been terrified of ladders, but today I spent time working ten feet above the floor. It’s a big step for me and it’s not the only one.

I have a beautiful baby boy coming soon, I already feel like I know him from feeling how he moves inside my wife’s belly. He’s energetic and curious, something that comes and goes for me. I feel like he will remind us how life is meant to be lived. With curiosity and imagination.

I’ve also been upgrading my kit, some suprises will be on the way. Having a child has given me more reason than before to do my work and think a little more outside myself.

Soon I’ll be taking the leap and editing on real software. It may also be time to repurpose old things that have been rotting on hard drives. We did a great job and I miss you all, I wish we had met later in life. I think we would have been great friends, if I had been more serious, if I could only put some of my rage to rest.

I remember you well, we never quite made it to the Chelsea hotel, but you are all remembered. Of course we went to hell together, I only recently came back from it.

I hope one of you is reading this. Live well. Be proud of who you are.


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