The death of DSLR filming


We’ve all known that the DSLR revolution is over. Mirrorless cameras are taking over the independent scene and the pioneers of the era are moving on the cameras like the Canon C100 series.

It’s understandable, with 4K becoming the new norm. Cameras like the 5D are becoming obsolete and instead of upgrading, the leading brands are aiming to widen their appeal. What is a canon SL1 anyhow?!

Working in retail I see many who are new to digital visual art, opt for the Rebel T5 instead of the video capable T5i, showing no interest in experimenting with the dream that the rebel series distilled in so many, “I can make a professional looking and more importantly, professionally feeling movie with equipment costing less than $1,000”. (Black Friday sales are seeing the T5i (two generations ahead of the canon 550D I still use) go for $499.

Part of me wonders if I’m flying the flag of a dying art form, but really I’m adopting a can do attitude. Believe me, motivation is not one of my strong points, but inbetween dietary changes and doctor visits, I’ve developed an attitude to use what I can to make what I dream about. I’m setting myself on a path that, while raising a child and caring for a wonderful lightning bolt wife, will lead me to a basic yet complete film makers kit. Something I should have done years ago, especially concidering it will cost only $300. Remember, guilt is natural and helpful, don’t let it consume you. You are allowed to take steps to better yourself, it requires only belief, commitment and forgiveness.


the boy who always used outdated equipment,



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