It’s been a while since I’ve bought anything for my camera.

I’ve had some wonderful gifts, two FD lenses from a friend, we affectionately call, “nanny” and an demonstratively fececious 1600mm vivitar from my dear mum. I put insult to injury when I added a x2 multiplier on it and attempted to catch Venus with fair results (just to clear things up, I love the lens).

Now Christmas is coming a wonderfully, a lot of family have bought us gifts for the baby, meaning that my mother graciously offered to help me continue my creative journey by letting me chose some camera equipment for my birthday during amazons pretty impressive Black Friday deals.

After days of research I settled on  the rokinon 14mm F2.8 ( originally I was going to go for the 16mm F2.0 but finding that this is a cropped lens I moved on).

When but in a lens like this, you need to weight up all the pro’s and cons. First of all, I was a little of put with buying an off brand, even though I’ve good experiences before, non were this expensive. (Previous purchases were $30, this one racked up $280 discounted from $530)

I had thought carefully about what my kit was missing, a good, solid wide. I own in my collection the EF-s 17-55mm f3.5-5.0 canon. Besides the aperture and the crop frame (I’m on a 550D but I get the sense the images aren’t as crisp as my other lenses) it seems simply like a bad lens. It’s horrible indoors and even with a lot of light, the colours feel wrong (comparing directly to my Nikon 50mm which appears vibrant using the same settings).

At the end of the day, it seemed that what I needed was a higher end wide. And that’s what I’m aiming for, full frame, wider and, well, professional.

The other kit I ordered are a 64 gig sd card ($16 by the way, how technology has evolved) and the Newer DSLR shoulder support rig, which i used while working at mutiny media in London. I’m excited to finally play around with it and get the steady hand held experience.

It’s finally time for me to take this whole film making experience a bit more seriously and these reviews will be available as soon as I get the kit delivered.

Excited and freaked out by the whole Black Friday thing.



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