Can you just not for a second

Sometimes I think as artists we can spend an awful amount of time trying to do things correctly that we forget ‘how to art’. And in that, we do lose something, if you’re ready to admit that to yourself.

I had a dream that I flew to a familiar place, the water had paralyzing poison and it was hard to tell where exactly the survive was, I flew in and out, a little lost for direction and heard a voice say, “You can go now, but you should know that you did better than last time.

The above pictures were taken on the streets near niagara falls. The shutter was set to ’10 and I moved the camera wildly. The lights are simply out of focus.

Try doing something ‘wrong’ and carefree with your art from time to time, if for nothing then simply for the hope that you won’t forget how to do it a bit wrong.


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