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Those of you who can’t see the video click here.

This ones important and it has a message that cannot be fully understood unless you open your eyes, open your heart and see.

We are guilty, every day of overlooking this world. I’m not a slacker, I work hard to provide for my family, I understand how hard it is to open up. Yet even in my dreams of “freedom” I have been guilty of this, of remaining blind, intentionally and with purpose.

This world is beautiful and I sincerely would like to attempt to train myself to see it more often and if I can, share those moments with you.

All of this was shot with a canon 550D. A semi-professional DSLR, using magic lantern only for the intervelometer. Only one shot of the sun has been graded.

You can see and achieve anything, if you just look properly and think consciously.

I am guilty and apologetic.

Not a holy man, not great man.

Simply human and looking for something a little greater than ourselves.

We are all one in the light of the skies, small and floundering, hoping that if G-d is real, then he is benevolent, to our utter stupidity.

Once more with feeling.


Music by Gregoire Lourme (CC license)


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