When we look up, it seems, we are looking at a fantasy. Many have looked in disbelief, over the centuries, cried out “hark!” And looked away, as if the beauty hanging from the darkness were nothing more than illusion. Others looked up and mapped, planned, it’s round, it’s flat, this drop in the ocean must be the centre of all this.

  Factually the truth is stranger than fiction. We are an anomaly, slung around a spinning nuclear reactor, itself spinning around a gravitational trash compactor, itself bursting from a centre that not only can be mathematically formed but nearly seen with shining eyes in the sky.

  Yet the further we look, the more it doesn’t exist, or more actually, no longer exists. We are looking further into the past than ever humanly thought, we are seeing an ancient light, maybe dimmed, maybe gone. Seeing with our own eyes. The past.

Love Pinangel


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